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5 Perfect Situations for Wearing Glasses

Just like a snowstorm and hot chocolate go hand in hand, there are ideal circumstances where glasses provide comfort, style and protection.

Whether you are seeking to match a stylish outfit with the perfect pair of glasses or protect your eyes from your computer screen and mobile device, we have listed several instances where you just can’t beat wearing glasses.


Working on a Computer

According to LensCrafters, 30 percent of adults spend more than 9 hours on a digital device every day.

As technology continues to be a huge part of our daily lives, it’s important to think about digital eye strain and what steps you can take to make it better.

You can get blue light lenses to view content on a digital screen. They’re available with or without a prescription.


Waking Up

Put your glasses on your nightstand so you can see clearly once your alarm clock goes off. You can avoid potential injury by seeing objects en route to the kitchen, bathroom or living room. This might sound obvious, but so many people with bad vision misplace their glasses, which can wreak havoc in the morning.


Social Setting

Are you looking to spruce up your style? If you have never worn glasses in public, now is the time to bolster your appearance by wearing fashionable eyeglasses.

Imagine showing up at a dinner party with friends with the new Ray-Ban RX5154. You will be the focal point of the conversation, as people will recognize your stylish and sophisticated look.



If you travel frequently, there is a strong likelihood that you’ll dose off during the plane ride. Most contacts aren’t meant to be slept in. Sleeping in your contacts severely limits oxygen transmission to your eyes.

If you wear contacts and plan on dozing off during the flight, wearing your glasses would be the right choice. Traveling with an extra pair of glasses is also recommended in case you lose your contacts or your primary pair of glasses.

Passenger In The Aircraft

Job Interviews

According to Business Insider, research suggests that wearing glasses makes you look more intelligent. Thick, blocky frames make you look smarter than thin ones (check out our Burberry BE2227 for this style).

First impressions can make a difference. If you want to look super smart heading into your interview, consider glasses.




The Importance of UV Protection Year Round for Glasses Wearers


You may believe that you only need to worry about ultraviolet (UV) protection for your eyes throughout the hot and sunny summer months. However, this an issue that needs to be addressed year round for glasses wearers. You may be surprised to learn that your eyes are vulnerable to damage from harmful UV rays just like your skin. Over 3 million people go blind every year due to prolonged UV exposure. It is recommended by doctors to ensure that you protect your eyes from UV rays all year in order to avoid permanent damage to your eyes.

Various areas of your eye are susceptible to UV damage including the lens, retina, and cornea among others. There are both short-term and long-term effects to excess UV exposure on your eyes. While your eyes are capable of handling some exposure, direct and long amounts exposure can be quite damaging. Your eyes can experience sunburn just like your skin can from shout amounts of exposure, this is known as photokeratitis. The side effects of photokeratitis include painful sensations and irritation in your eyes for short periods of time.

The long-term effects of UV exposure are very serious. Cataracts, blindness, and other types of permanent eye damage are possible from significant amounts of exposure to dangerous UV rays. While this may all sound a bit scary, there is luckily a very simple solution to protecting yourself.

If you are a prescription glasses wearer, wearing eyeglasses with UV protection is not enough. While it is very important to wear UV protected eyeglasses,in order to truly protect yourself all year, you will need to wear Rx sunglasses, or sunglasses filled with your prescription whenever you are in the sun. Whether it be the hottest day of the summer, or a freezing, yet sunny day of the winter, Rx sunglasses are necessary.

In case you are not familiar with prescription sunglasses, they are your typical fashionable and trendy sunglasses from top designers simply filled with your personal prescription. Rx sunglasses allow you to see just like you do from your normal eyeglasses while simultaneously protecting you from UV rays.

Need to find the perfect pair of Rx sunglasses? Luckily you’re already at the right place! Right here at we have hundreds of pairs from top designers for you to choose from! Stay safe in the sun all year long!

Influencers “Share Their Sight” For OneSight

We make ordering glasses online easy. Whether you are looking for a designer pair, or the latest Ray-Bans, we want our customers to love their glasses.

It’s not just about a seamless online ordering process for your next eye or sunglasses. Through OneSight, we’re deeply committed to ending the global vision crisis. If you buy a pair, we donate a pair. 1.1 billion people do not have access to an eye exam or a pair of glasses. We are working to solve this.

Since launching our OneSight campaign, there have been bloggers partaking in the fantastic mission of OneSight utilizing the hashtag #ShareYourSight

We decided to share some of our favorite pictures and quotes from bloggers and social influencers who participated in this campaign.


The Tip Toe Fairy
Recently, my 7th grader found out he needed glasses. Both his sister and my husband wear glasses as well.  With three people in our family wearing glasses, we tend to buy them online for convenience and price.

For my son’s glasses, we chose But, this isn’t just another place to buy prescription glasses. has partnered with OneSight, a nonprofit that’s committed to ending the global vision care crisis with their Share Your Sight program. With every purchase from, a pair of glasses will be donated to a person in need.

There are so many benefits to buying your glasses from, but my favorite is the OneSight program.

Click HERE to read more of The Tip Toe Fairy’s experience with and OneSight!




Thrifty Jinxy
Recently I ordered a pair of frames from and I have to admit, it was the Their easiest eyeglasses purchase of my life!

I created an account and took a selfie without my glasses on.  A lot of frames on their site are eligible for ”virtual try-on” which means you can see what a pair looks like on your 3D rendered image created from your selfie.  I absolutely LOVED this feature because I could see exactly what different shaped lenses looked like on my face before purchasing a pair.

I could go on and on about how easy it was to order my glasses, how quickly they arrived at my door, or how much I love wearing them, but what I really want to focus on is the fact that is doing a lot of good in the world.

The OneSight campaign does more than just ship frames to locations around the world. They have volunteer opticians at clinics to give patients free eye exam.  Volunteers also help the patients select the frames that are fitted with prescription lenses and given to them that very same day.

If you wear glasses, consider purchasing your next pair from and help someone else regain their vision.

Read more about Thrifty Jinxy’s experience by clicking HERE!



B-Inspired Mama

I know hearing that your child needs glasses feels like a huge crisis in the moment.  And I’m not trying to negate those feelings at all, but consider how lucky we are to have this necessary vision care for our children.  1.1 billion people lack access to an eye exam or pair of glasses.

That’s another reason I support B-Inspired Mama sponsor, partners with OneSight, an independent nonprofit committed to eradicating the global vision care crisis, to launch the “Share Your Sight” Program.  Through the “Share Your Sight” Program, every purchase from means a pair of glasses will be provided to a person in need.

Learn more about B-Inspired Mama’s experience by clicking HERE!

sharesightblog3 Profile: Eric Labra

Without sight, Eric Labra would not have the ability to hone in on his favorite hobby and skill of photography. Seeing beautiful scenery, faces, and landscapes is what inspires Eric to get out of the house and explore as much as he can.

Eric, born and raised in Austin, Texas, spends the majority of his free time exploring the fascinating city of Austin and looking for interesting places to practice his photography. He knows the importance of glasses not only for sight, but for style.

Eric photographing around Austin, TX.

Eric photographing around Austin, TX.

Eric loves that his Armani Exchange frames make him look like “Q” from the James Bond movies, but he says he is really more like Kelso from “That 70s Show”.

“ makes the whole process of finding your style simple and fun. It makes you feel like you’re the one finding your own style and not just a sales person.”

Most of the photos he takes are spontaneous, just from wandering around his corky town. Lately, he has been going around town with just an idea of where he wants to shoot and then he waits until he gets there to find the real inspiration. 

Urban Exploring

“The best experiences that I have are meeting all sorts of people and exploring new things that I would have definitely not done without picking up a camera.” Eric says he would be inside just playing video games if it were not for his camera.

Eric’s favorite part of photography is freezing something in time that can be shared with everyone seen through his eyes. Even if hundreds of people have been to a certain spot, Eric likes to find a different perspective.


Armani Glasses from – Picture taken by Eric.

One time while exploring, Eric and a friend got stuck on a rooftop and had to call in some other friends to rescue them. He said it was an adrenaline rush at the time, making him feel like a secret agent, but the situation reminded him of his favorite motto.

Eric’s life motto is “Don’t overthink it.” He doesn’t like to take life too seriously.

Apart from exploring Austin, his favorite places to travel to are Las Vegas and Mexico, both places where he has met and photographed a lot of friends. He loves taking portraits of his friends and using location and facial expression to create amazing photography.

“Pictures are all about lines and symmetry and glasses can really play a big part in that when you are taking a portrait.

Eric knows that the photos of his that stand out are the ones he has taken the time to make sure everything he wants is in focus.

Eric's enjoys meeting new people and exploring through his hobby of photography.

Eric’s enjoys meeting new people and exploring through his hobby of photography. Profile: Michaela Knight

Michaela Knight grew up in Tampa, Florida and currently lives in Berkeley, California with her husband of two years. Michaela considers herself an adventure seeker and believes that her biggest thrill was going skydiving with her husband. She loves to look back at the video and to remember the adrenaline rush that she experienced. She truly believes that everyone should try to go skydiving at least once in their lifetime, no matter how afraid you are of heights, because nothing compares to how she felt in that moment.


Apart from going on adventures, Michaela also loves to travel. Her favorite trip thus far was traveling to London, England. Seeing all of the biggest attractions in London and getting a taste of the British lifestyle gave Michaela the “travel bug” and made her realize that there are so many places in the world that she really wants to see. After her London trip, she made a list of places that she is hoping to travel to in the future.

At the other end of the travel spectrum, another one of Michaela’s favorite places to visit is Yosemite, California. She is in awe of Yosemite’s beauty and cannot believe how green the landscape is. Yosemite holds a big place in Michaela’s heart; she traveled there four times last year.

Michaela’s Style

In regards to fashion and style, this summer Michaela is really enjoying trends including overalls (she’s obsessed with her white ones), kimonos, and floppy hats. She loves to pair all of her favorite looks with the perfect pair of sunglasses.

“Sunglasses are an absolute staple of mine. They are the cherry on top for my outfit and pull everything together. Everyone should own at least one pair of glasses that they can wear with anything,” Michaela says. “I personally prefer to have plenty of options to choose from. I don’t feel complete without my favorite pair of sunnies!”

Learn More About Michaela

Michaela is a pediatric registered dental assistant in Berkeley, California. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, spending time with friends, and acting. Her favorite quote to live by is the Helen Keller quote,  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

Michaela is a huge fan of and loves the wide variety of fashionable styles, the superb quality of the glasses, and the great cases that come with the glasses. She says, “ makes buying glasses easy by having a user friendly site that is organized into convenient categories. I like to shop by looking through their Instagram as well.”

Fun Facts about Michaela

  • Favorite Song Right Now- “7 Years” by Lukas Graham
  • Favorite Ice Cream Flavor- Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Favorite Animal- Spider Monkey
  • Last Book She Read- “I Don’t Have to Make Everything All Better” by Gary and Joy Lundberg
  • Dream Superpower- Readings minds
  • Dream Decade to Time Travel To- 1920s

You can learn more about Michaela by following her on Instagram (@michaeladesireeknight) and reading her blog

Here Comes The Sun

Say hello to summer with some brand new shades. Swimsuits and sunglasses: it’s the only wardrobe you’ll need.


Shop the collection

One Dapper Street in the Iconic Clubmaster



Retro. Timeless. Versatile. I had tons of fun styling the iconic Clubmaster frame a few different ways, and while it’s inspired by the 50’s, it’s still absolutely modern today. I grabbed three different kinds on, one pair of shades from Ray-Ban, the original; a pair of specs from Von Zipper; and a pair of tortoise specs from Persol.

With the Ray-Bans I went the grungy direction, with ripped jeans and sneakers. I matched the black & gold combo of the frame with my watch and put on a large black dress-shirt to class it up a little bit.

With the specs, both black and tortoise I went for a more preppy look, one with a plaid shirt, styled with a denim jacket and chinos, and the other time with suit separates. No matter with which look, the clubmasters nicely frame the upper brows and really add to the overall aesthetic of the look. If none of these are for you, check if any of the other options has work for ya ;)

– Marcel Floruss of One Dapper Street

Mary Went to Coachella

As a sponsor of Coachella this year, we had the pleasure of surprising one of our  music-loving customers with passes to the festival last weekend. She shared this sweet note about her experience with us, and we just had to share it. Thanks Mary!








I could never in my wildest dreams have imagined going to Coachella, especially going VIP. Being a full time working mom and juggling all of my many responsibilities everyday, it’s hard to get time to do something for myself. Getting the call from was one of the most shocking and surreal things that has ever happened to me, and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. From the moment I stepped foot in California I felt small and, dare I say, extremely out of my element. Every person I encountered at Coachella was beautiful, unique, fashion forward and absolutely flawless to say the least. Being in the midst of such bold people gave me the chance to branch out with my style in the way you could never do in Tennessee–partly because you get looked at like an alien and partly because showing skin is looked down upon in the “Bible Belt.”

It’s a pretty bold statement, but my Coachella experience changed my entire outlook on life. Meeting new people from so many different places made me realize how big the world really was. AND THE MUSIC– where to begin with the music. For the first time in my life I danced myself into a state of disarray, and could honestly care less about looking like I just ran a drunk half marathon.

I saw more artists at Coachella then I have in my entire life, got the chance to stuff my face 5 times a day with the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth–maybe more than 5 times a day, but this is a judgment free zone– I danced under a huge rainbow parachute with hundreds of strangers, and even stood in the mosh pit for one of the bands (not a great idea for me). I danced, I sang, I laughed, I drank and ate more than I ever have in my entire life, and most importantly I lived in the moment and enjoyed every second of it. Now I’m just wondering how many piggy banks I have to have in order to go next year.

– Mary

Guess Who’s Going to Coachella?

Have you ever dreamed of going to Coachella? Consistently off-the-charts line-up, sunny California weather, celebrities, the festival fashion, pool parties – what’s not to like? In fact, we love Coachella so much we want to share it with you. That’s why we just gave away 2 VIP tickets and…we have a winner!

Congratulations to Jason R. – you and a friend are going to Coachella Weekend 2! Sorry if you’re phone starts ringing off the hook with people begging you to take them.

On top of 2 VIP tickets to one of the best festivals in the world, we hooked Jason up with a free pair of shades of his choice and $1,000 gift card to cover any of his festival costs! Check out the excited winner:



Enjoy Coachella and be sure to order some shades before you get out there, Jason!

Not to worry if you didn’t win. Be sure to keep your eyes out for more giveaways and remember you can always find a coupon to get the lowest price on festival ready shades.

Glasses are the New Handbag



Something that I always like to have on hand, or at least nearby, is a fabulous pair of reading glasses. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit, and one of the easiest ways to fix a makeup-less face as well! Just like you need a designer handbag for every outfit, you also need a designer pair of glasses to complete your look. This Burberry pair of glasses is a pair I wear the most out of any from  They are simple, yet have those perfect little details that make them special. And let’s be honest….I am a Burberry lover! Whether you wear prescriptions or not, glasses are ones of those pieces that are a must!

– Fashion Blogger Cara Loren