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Over the past few years, many customers have asked where they can get their frames adjusted. Truth is many pairs of glasses do not need to be adjusted. But for those of us who do need, or at least prefer, some adjustments, we have some good news! is excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with LensCrafters to provide all customers convenient access for any frame adjustments. Simply drop into one of the almost 1000 LensCrafters stores nationwide, give the LensCrafters associate your receipt from, and they’ll gladly help with any adjustments or fittings you need. Any pair. Any style. Any time. And, the best part, it’s all done at no cost to you.

LensCrafters loves eyes. So go ahead and let them show that love to your new amazing glasses, from

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7 Responses to “LensCrafters Partnership”

  1. Gabby Hon says:

    This is great news! My own optometrist was a little hesitant to adjust the frames I got at, so I went to LensCrafters and they were totally helpful! And I didn’t even know about this partnership.

  2. David says:

    I took the step of trying out frames in a store before ordering online. I narrowed down the part number to make sure I ordering ones like tried on in the store. I received my Oakley frames and the arms were bent way out of shape, so much so that I thought must have received the large model instead of mediums. The part number checked out though and I was told about LensCrafters doing adjustments. They were pretty busy and I waited until called. When I showed the lady my receipt she acted like she had never heard of it and was immediately in the mode of “not going to help you”. She stated that because of the material she would not be able to make any adjustments what so ever, then she got up and walked off. That was a terribly embarrassing experince being treated like I was just there trying to get free help while not spending money at LensCrafters, no notion of a “partnership” seemed to be known of. Now I have glasses that are terribly out of fit and will probably end up returning them. All in all this was a bad experience. At least if I bought at the store level I could have gotten help with adjustments and could have made sure they fit correctly.

  3. Tony Turner says:

    Partnership makes sense, since, both companies are owned by Luxxotica. All the frames are also Luxxotica brands.

  4. Susan M says:

    Unfortunately, the retail staff at the Lenscrafters store I went to were unaware of the partnership with They apparently did a little digging to find that the partnership did exist. The optician did check the prescription and made note of a problem and was willing to communicate this directly with a rep and another pair was ordered on the spot. When I took the second pair back to the store, this second clerk provided less than stellar service – checked the lens and as he handed the glasses back to me said, ” .. the prescription appears to be correct …” and started to walk away. There was no offer to have me try the glasses on for fit at either visit. I must say, however, that the folks at were exceptionally responsive and more than helpful. Thank you for your efforts!!!!

  5. melissa says:

    The reps at are so nice and very helpfuhelpful, they scheduled me an appointment with Lense crafters& the lo actions nearest me were very rude and kept taking me off the appointment list! I had dealt with this two different times before I finally called back and he put me on hold and took care of everything. Needless to say I ended up going to eye glass world, they kept their promise and they are still reimbursing my money, the difference of 50.00 that I paid over, so I’m going to use that money to buy frames! (: love this company, such great, polite, and caring people!

  6. Julie Madsen says:

    We’re so sorry to hear that some customers have had trouble getting adjustments. We’re working with LensCrafters to ensure that everyone has a positive experience. We appreciate everyone’s feedback!


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