Your Glasses
Give Them Sight.
1.1 billion people do not have access to
an eye exam or a pair of glasses.
Together we can solve this.
At we're deeply committed to ending the global vision crisis. employees travel the globe to provide glasses to underserved communities. We work with OneSight - an independent nonprofit organization - to help staff charitable clinics and make permanent access to vision care a reality by building lasting infrastructures and training local residents.
Simply make a purchase from and we'll provide a pair to a person in need.
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Glasses = Empowerment
Donating glasses isn't a temporary charitable act. It enables people
with impaired vision - who are in need - to make a better life for
themselves and their families. Clear vision empowers:
  • Students to be twice as effective at school
  • Employees to be 35% more productive and earn up to 20% more per year
  • Each of us to deepen our connection to the people and the world around us
The journey from your new glasses to theirs:
Frames from are shipped to local and global OneSight vision clinics.
Volunteer opticians at the clinics give patients free eye exams.
Volunteers help patients select frames.
The same day, frames are fitted and prescription lenses are made.
Every patient walks out with a new pair of glasses - and unlocked potential.

Our Shared Vision

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Beyond donating glasses, we're committed to helping OneSight provide ongoing vision care access to those in need around the world.
In 2015
Nearly 2 million were provided permanent,
affordable access to vision care
30,000 students
1st ongoing school-based vision care in U.S.
1,500 students
Seeing is learning program.
1.5 million
183 jobs created.
4,500 people
Partnership with LV Prasad Eye Institute.
360,000 people
Entire country will have access by 2018.
Together we will give access to 20 million across the globe by 2020.
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