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Eye exercises to improve vision

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Eye exercises to improve vision

Everyone knows that exercising and eating healthy is a great way to stay in shape and keep your body healthy. But did you know that you can also learn how to improve eyesight by doing eye exercises? Well, kind of.

Eye exercises can help to coordinate the movement of the muscles in your eyes, training them to better align or focus, thereby improving your vision. Eye training cannot be used as a treatment for refractive abnormalities such as astigmatism, myopia, or hyperopia, since these refractive errors stem from the shape of the eye itself, not the coordination of the eye muscles.

These kinds of eye exercises to improve vision might be something prescribed to someone with amblyopia, or “lazy eye”. There are some eye workouts that may be performed at home, even though being under an eye doctor's care can offer more advice on how to employ eye exercises.

But what about carrots? Are carrots good for your eyes? You can protect your vision also by eating a nutrient rich diet. If you have difficulty getting all the vitamins your eyes need, you can also consider taking supplements for your eyes.

Do eye exercises really work?

Can you train your eyes to see better? Just as with other forms of physical therapy, you will only see progress if you are consistent with your training. Through perseverance and dedication, eye exercises can progressively give rise to ease better eye coordination, concentration and reduced eye strain.

Home remedies can only help so much, remember to contact your eye doctor for advice and to determine which eye exercises are most appropriate for your individual needs.

Eye training and vision exercises

Traditional eye exercises such as vision therapy can help to ensure that the two eyes function properly together. There are some widespread signs that eye strengthening exercises might be beneficial, especially in cases of eye turn (strabismus), lazy eye (amblyopia), eye tracking (saccadic dysfunction), and eye teaming (convergence insufficiency).

Some exercises to improve eyesight that you can do at home to strengthen the muscle coordination of your eyes include:

  • Focusing on objects up close and at a distance: alternate between focusing your eyes on an object close to your eyes and an object that is far away, holding your focus for at least 15 seconds at each distance.
  • Tracing a figure eights with your eyes: It can be difficult for some people to track an item with their eyes, practicing figure eights can help improve this. Choose a spot on the ground that is 10 feet distant from you. Draw an imaginary figure eight using your eyes. 30 seconds later, change your direction.
  • Eye palming: this exercise aims to relax the eyes and reduce eye strain. Start by rubbing your hands together to warm them up before palming. Put the palm of each hand over the appropriate cheekbone while closing your eyes. For five minutes, place a palm over each eye and breathe deeply.

The Bates eye method explained

The Bates Method is a technique for retraining your vision habits, so that you strain your eyes less and maintain good vision for longer. It proposes a series of eye exercises to improve eyesight.

The Bates eye exercises focus on altering the visual straining behaviors that contribute declining vision. As opposed to other forms of eye exercises, the Bates method attempts to prevent refractive error by training individuals to avoid eye strain. Naturally, this type of eye exercise is ineffective at correcting or preventing refractive error, since these have to do with abnormal shape of the eye, but can be effective in preventing eye strain.

Remember that in any case a clear and comfortable vision is essential for anyone’s life, eye exercises could offer you same relief. But in any case, if the symptoms remain, remember to contact your eye doctor, and seek professional help.