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The next generation
of smart glasses

The Ray-Ban Meta collection combines iconic design with
cutting-edge, AI enhanced technology.

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Lightweight frame

Iconic style, cutting-edge technology and light-weight form unite.

Suitable for prescription

Built to match your style and vision needs, available with our wide assortment of lenses.

Ask Meta AI

Spark your creativity, get information and control features, right from your glasses.

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Livestream direct to Instagram

Share your unique view by live streaming through your glasses to Instagram or Facebook.

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Choose your Ray-Ban Meta style

Discover the iconic Ray-Ban Meta Wayfarer in a range of color combinations. Also available with prescription.

Product highlights

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Improved 12 MP camera
Capture what you see, exactly how you see it.

Ultra-Wide HD lens
Take panoramic, high-quality photos and videos with the ultra-wide 12 megapixel lens.

New five-mic array
Take audio-rich, immersive videos thanks to the five-mic audio system.

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Direct to social
Now you can live the moment while you livestream, straight to Instagram and Facebook.

Dual perspective
Seamlessly switch between your glasses and phone cameras while sharing your POV.

Your unique view
Bring your passion to your people by sharing life’s best moments as they happen

*Feature requires 5G wifi or cellular and minimum ambient temperature condition of at least 5º C. Performance varies based on user location, device battery, temperature, internet connectivity and interference from other devices, and many other factors.

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Enhanced open-ear audio
Listen to music and calls without disconnecting from what’s around you.

Superior speakers
Hear your favorite tracks with extended bass and higher maximum volume. Catch every word with better clarity on calls.

Discreet directional sound
Whatever you’re listening to is for your ears only.

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Easier calling & messaging
No more stopping to answer your phone. Make calls and send messages with voice commands.

Hands-free communication
Stay in touch more easily. Call and message on Whatsapp, Messenger and SMS, simply by using voice commands.

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Controls & Choices

Ask Meta AI

Ask Meta AI

A new feature to spark your creativity and bring you the info you need in the moment, right from your glasses. Looking for a recommendation or a translation? Ask the voice-activated Meta AI and get an answer immediately.

Better charge and battery

Better charge and battery life

Focus on your day without interruption thanks to four hours of battery life, plus a portable charging case*, now with up to eight charges.

*To reduce waste, we ship the Ray-Ban Meta collection without a charging cable. Visit our FAQ for cable and adapter information.



Choose from an original frame and lens palette featuring timeless classics and bold new tints exclusive to the Ray-Ban Meta collection.

Voice command

Voice command

Unlock a range of hands-free possibilities and stay connected to what matters. Call and message, capture content, and manage media settings – with your phone in your pocket.

Voice features available in English, Italian and French.

Ask Meta AI

Touch control

Play your music, activate the camera, or connect with someone – all in a single touch with the hyper-responsive touchpad and capture button.

Companion app

The Meta View app enhances the experience of your glasses. Pair multiple glasses to your phone, discover key features via a new Home tab, and easily share content with friends.

Meta account required.

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Get support


Call 1-800-GLASSES (800-452-7737) or chat to us online for help with your order.

Help getting started

Our expert team will set up your glasses for you and provide free aftercare in store.

Demo glasses in store

We’ll guide you through all the latest features with our dedicated interactive app.


We’ve got the answers!

How do I pair my glasses with the Meta View app?

To pair your glasses, open the Meta View app and make sure you're logged in to your Meta account. If you already have glasses paired to the Meta View app, go to Settings and tap the "Add Device" button on the top right. Then:

  • 1. Select either Ray-Ban Stories or Ray-Ban Meta and proceed until you reach bluetooth pairing (bluetooth permissions must be granted) stage.
  • 2. Make sure your glasses are turned on and placed in the case.
  • 3. Press and hold the pairing button on the back of the case for 5 or more seconds. Release when the case LED pulses a blue light.
  • 4. Your glasses should automatically appear in the app when they're ready to pair."

What shipping methods are available for Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses?

You can choose standard shipping or you can collect in store at one of our partner locations.

What do I need to use Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses?

To operate Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses you need to connect your glasses with a smartphone and the Meta View app. Here’s the complete checklist:

  • - Smart phone with a recently released operating system: Android 10 and above (with location services enabled) or iOS 14.4 and above. See complete list of supported phones here
  • - Wireless internet access
  • - USB-C charging plug (if charging from a power outlet and not directly from a USB point)
  • - A valid Meta account
  • - Meta View app (downloadable from your App store here or by scanning this QR code)

What’s included with my Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses?

Your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses come with the following accessories and user manuals:

  • - Charging case
  • - Quick Start Guide
  • - Safety & Warranty Guide (also downloadable here)
  • - Instructions for ordering Prescription lenses
  • - Cleaning cloth

How do I set up my Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses?


  • 1. Remove the plastic tab between the case and the glasses
  • 2. Make sure your glasses are redocked inside the case
  • 3. Wait until the LED light starts flashing blue
  • 4. Your device is now ready to pair


  • 1. Place your glasses inside the case
  • 2. Press and hold the button on the back of the case for at least 5 seconds
  • 3. Wait until the LED light starts flashing blue
  • 4. Your device is now ready to pair


  • 1. Download the Meta View app from your app store and log in using your Meta account.
  • 2. Turn on the Bluetooth setting on your phone.
  • 3a. Start by turning on your glasses. Slide and hold the power switch towards the lens until the notification LED starts blinking white, then release it. The notification LED blinks white while your glasses turn on, which can take up to a minute. When the notification LED turns solid green, you're ready to continue. (If you can’t complete this step, continue to 3b, otherwise move on to step 4).
  • 3b. Your glasses need to be fully charged before pairing. If you need to charge your glasses, place them inside the charging case and connect the case to a power source before moving on to step 4.
  • 4. Put your glasses into Bluetooth pairing mode. Fold both arms and hold the capture button on top of the frames down for 12 secs until the LED on the inside of the frames starts blinking blue. Your glasses will appear in the app when they're in pairing mode, which can take up to 10 seconds.
  • 5. Continue following the instructions in the Meta View app to finish setting up your glasses.
  • 6. Enjoy exploring your world in a new way with the Ray-Ban Meta collection.

For illustrated set up instructions, please refer to the Meta View app.