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Opthy measures your Pupillary Distance – or PD for short – allowing
you to find the most comfortable, personalized fit.

The Opthy app is available
on iPhone X and above at the App Store

It only takes a few minutes

Capture your face looking straight at your phone

Check the light conditions of your environment

Remove your glasses and follow the vocal instructions of the app

Discover your PD

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It only takes a few minutes

With just a few clicks, OPTHY measures your Pupillary Distance so you get the perfect fit.

Scan QR Code and download the app.

Download the app.

App available on iPhone X and above.

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See the app on the App Store

Meets industry guidelines for accuracy (ANSI Z80.1 and ISO21987 standards)

1 Compatible with single-vision prescription lenses between -5D and +5D.
2 Not intended for use by people under the age of 18.