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Eyeglasses trends 2023: what glasses are in style for men and women

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Eyeglasses trends 2023: what glasses are in style for men and women

What glasses are in style? It’s important to have glasses that fit the occasion because they are as personal as the look of your face and frequently provide a classy mood for your style and personality. Every day, new trends in eyewear and fashion enter the market. Keeping up is a great way to enhance your unique style and stay on trend with a new pair of eyeglasses. Follow the newest eyewear trends in 2023 if you want to stand out from the crowd.

With so many fashionable eyeglasses and frame options, you may select the ideal pair of glasses for your face shape and personal style. Regardless of whether you need reading, driving, or blue light glasses, have a prescription, or are simply searching for a statement frame.

Men's glasses styles in trend

Trendy men’s glasses frames set the mood for everything from a business meeting to a weekend party. See our list of stylish glasses for men:

Geometric frames

There are numerous enticing styles available for these ultra-futuristic glasses. Geometric glasses, which got their name from their hexagonal and octagonal shapes, are currently at the pinnacle of fashion.

All your fashion needs will be satisfied with multiple corners and edges where you can brush your styling concerns. In a short time, geometric glasses have gained popularity and are poised to dominate. Our Negro M-8007 wire frame, for example, has a refined, elegant appearance.

Wireframe glasses

Wire glasses frames feature slim lines and delicate textures. With golden or classic light metallic tones, you can add vintage vibes to your look or lend a subtle yet refined modern aesthetic.

It’s good to note that wireframes can't support large lenses and aren't appropriate for all prescriptions. For stronger eyeglass prescriptions, you may need to find frames suitable for your lens needs. Or you might consult your eye doctor for advice.

Trendy glasses styles for women

Women’s glasses frames are perfect for pulling together an entire outfit. To help you keep up with the latest trends, here’s our most eagerly awaited list of fashionable glasses for women:

Oversized frames

Oversized is the perfect adjective to describe these glasses. With their bold and distinct design, large frames are a top choice for eyewear in 2023.

Have you ever envied the fashion trends of the past? Well, glasses silhouettes are reaching back in time for inspiration but optimized in size and bright colors for the ultimate style!

: Eco-friendly Glasses

The list of 2023 glass trends also includes eco-friendly glasses. For most, style and sophistication don’t mean you have to forgo nature and the environment. Eco-friendly eyewear boasts fashionable frames made from biomaterials.

What about sunglasses trends?

Here is a trend forecast on the sunglasses frames styles that will be everywhere in the street style scene in 2023 for anyone wanting to step up their sunglasses game in the upcoming year. It's time to update your wardrobe with these bold looks.

  • Women's oversized, extra-large sunglasses
  • Round designer men's sunglasses
  • Geometric frames and mirrored lenses